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Sustainable densification through innovative use of parking garage roofs

Good news from Thuringia: The innovative use of parking garage roofs for densification and sustainable building is coming into focus. In urban areas, available space is becoming increasingly scarce, making creative solutions for housing procurement necessary.
In Nordhausen, the Tiny Sky Resort is currently under construction.
Densification, especially on existing structures such as parking garages, offers an efficient way to optimally utilize urban space. By building on existing areas, additional land consumption is minimized, and the ecological footprint is reduced.

Tiny houses present a particularly interesting solution in this context. These compact housing forms are characterized by their small size and reduced resource consumption. They are mobile and flexible, making them ideal for urban densification strategies. Moreover, they contribute to sustainable urban development by providing environmentally friendly housing solutions.
Integrating tiny house concepts into urban environments can not only alleviate the housing shortage but also enhance the cityscape and boost tourism.
Such alternative housing concepts offer attractive and sustainable accommodation options that make cities more appealing to both residents and visitors.

Other ideas for densification also meet different needs as environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, urban gardening improves the socio-cultural environment in the city. Vienna boasts the largest rooftop garden in Europe. On the roof of the parking garage in Windmühlgasse, residents of Mariahilf and neighboring districts grow vegetables and other plants on around 2,000 square meters. Beehives ensure pollination, and worm boxes produce fertilizer.
Sports facilities are also possible on parking garage roofs. Not new, but unique: The roof of the Kaufland branch in Erfurt Herrenberg. It was awarded Best Practice 2022 by the Stadtimpulse initiative in 2022.
In summary, the use of parking garage roofs for various utilization scenarios represents a promising method for densification and sustainable urban development.
Cooperation between municipalities and planners is crucial to give innovative ideas space and opportunities.

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