Maria. Architect, entrepreneur, visionary, and futurist. For over ten years, I’ve been guiding brands and companies in showcasing their identity through commercial interior design. Thanks to my network in the digital scene, I always have access to the latest future trends and digital innovations. Groundbreaking solutions for the architecture of tomorrow and innovative design are hallmarks of my work. As a traveler, I’ve developed a deep understanding of cultural concerns, allowing me to blend design principles with local nuances. My mission: To drive sustainability in commercial interior design and be an uncompromising part of the construction revolution. Advocating for the integration of renewable resources and sustainable building practices.



Since 2014

Freelance Architect Project leadership and management Design, planning, and execution of interior design concepts

2010 – 2014

Collaboration with various offices throughout Germany


2023 – 2026

M.Sc. in Sustainable and Resource-Efficient Construction, University of Wuppertal


Specialist Engineer for Construction Project Management Project Management Professional, Bauhaus University of Weimar, IPMA


Dipl.-Ing. in Architecture, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

The future doesn't wait... ... whether you're eager for change or clinging to tradition. The good news: We now have the opportunity to proactively shape your personal vision of a sustainably built future and your business strategy. Let's talk!

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Access my Portfolio

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